I admire that you've reconvened 
and sought to brew 
a tast of what we once consumed 
in joy and secret
or in public places 

The revelry of pure expression 
Brought to paper lovingly 
We spoke and shared over chicken fingers
I spilled sauce on your things

What was it that I had at masters that I've so often sought to deny
When I convinced myself I was never one of you
Was it a lie?

Well, I've written sparcely since we dispersed
And my being has become more bland
Work emails never flow in verse
Cubicles constrain & countermand

I hope I see you all again
But maybe I won't -- time will tell
For now I hope this entry finds you
Living, Loving an Writing well


poem from 2006

I'd rather be a companion to loneliness
than to see the day that you stop seeing me.
I'd rather only wonder what it would be like
than to be made a fool by reality.