The vengeance of a too small hat
Making your head look big
And you look childish

The transience of a Ralphs coupon
Printed on the back of a receipt
So easily discarded

The penitence of a death row inmate
So sad and hopeless
Yet earnest

The patience of a writer
Behind on his deadline
Writing poems instead

The virulence of a politician
Casting blame
Demanding power

The annoyance of a barking dog
Sharp, piercing bursts of sound
Cutting through the air

The pollutants of this text
Implanted, now in your mind

A Waking Dawn

Night now thunders the lost dawn's wake.
The skies resist the light's embrace
As sapphire clouds of troubled times
Climb silver curtains of dew enshrined.

They face the sunlight in the air,
Fight to shatter beams whose arms ensnare.
The shrouds release the film of self
And so their form begins to melt.

In solemn tears that kiss the land
The dark retreats, his shield disbands.
The spears of light pierce far and wide
In jagged beams that pierce his side.

Thus he falls to terror's rise.
The day declares his swift demise,
And in the shadow's last embrace
Dawn now thunders the long night's wake.
what if there are only two types of graffiti;
your name and rebellious art?

what if my picture of silence
resembles two surgical gloves
approaching a heart?


We'll map our future by tracing the path our veins take
From our hearts to our hands and back again.

Hold my hand until the creases on our palms align
Where the future, past and present, like our fingers intertwine.

And our bodies burn and drip like candle wax onto each other's skin
Like melting clocks, we share this one eternal night.

a moment

I am met at the crossroads
By a moment I do not know--
Taken aback, at last,
This is the reason for my travels.

I gaze into the invisible horizon.
My mind reaches further than my sight
Imagining the continuation
Of each road.

This one is the one that I shall travel.
It is not easy, for it leads into my soul.
Into darkness and shame and anguish,
But it is not... at least not.

I believe
The greatest action a person can aspire to
Is to look at truth and accept it

I believe
This is a thing many spend their lives
Fleeing from