Tea Party at the End of the World

Come away o human child
To the water and the wiles
Where a dying star unfurled
A tea party at the end of the world

Where Alice and the Hatter
String up quantum threads of matter
The hands of time begin to spin
And teacups break to Dawkin's grin

Come away to a pre-cleaned cup
Where the probability drives up
And the delusion clings 
To a blind god's dreams
Before the star erupts

And the time never stops
But it's always six o'clock
The butter spreads the clockwork's threads
And backwards everything's read

Here the crumpets run on thyme
And the nonsense never rhymes
But never ask the Queen of Hearts
How many angels can dance on a quark?

I never think so I never speak
Of projections acute or oblique
But come and dance
With those who look askance
At my "theories of the world" critique

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