My skin tingles with the vibrations of your lips when you speak
Your tongue pries my lips apart like you're searching deep inside me
For the words I can't seem to formulate.

The confetti of my heart's debris lies like freckles on my face
Like the ruins of a universe destroyed by the words
That should never have touched your ears,
Cursing the destiny that only let our fates collide
For a split second in a twisted, dizzy cosmic prank.

You have a way of making me honest
When I ought to be ambiguous
And candidly sincere when society's cunning deception
Would complicate things less.

My intellect forms a parade of relentless facts, unyielding and cold
But I've been bewitched and ambushed by emotion
I'm a casualty of the chasm depths I dug with my own fingernails
All pretense lost, I'm as hollow as Jesus' tomb and as scarred as his flesh
And the way I was, my previous disaster of a life
Is split down the side -- you were the blade slicing through the facade,
So I lie bleeding naked while you kiss the saline misery away
And remove the treacherous deceit I had engraved on my own veins.

So you'll leave me to heal under ebony skies
Devoid of stars and satellites
And I'll compose stories for the constellations
Formed by the flecks of gold I saw in your eyes
This will be a wordless goodbye -- it's better this way --
No promises, no guilt, no regret, no shame,
And we'll give a silent benediction from lip to lip and tongue to tongue.

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  1. I love the imagery and the flow of this. It's beautiful.

    I think the last stanza is the strongest and a great conclusion.