Star Power

I want to pressurize Grace McConnell

You heard me right, I said pressurize

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And don't blame Einstein for the atom bomb

Blame MacArthur for preaching us stagnant

And this city for letting apathy run rampant

Visualize the change you want, and then become bored of it

Throw a hissey fit

Watch movies on your laptop until you brain turns to

Another distraction and time filling noisemaker

Subtle blade and incipient life taker

Ignore the hard questions - sell all your possessions

Go ahead, waste your life, I dare you

Is there really an alternative?


  1. haha...

    dude... twotallwhitemenfromouterspace needs a comeback... love that stuff

    I read your guys' blog all the time... good stuff :P

  2. I can't believe you STILL want to pressurize me after all this time.