the apricot truth

You peered from under A-framish brows
in my direction, maybe past me
and prompted a reassurance routine.
But it is not even just a regimen,
not just one: 
clarity requires a say-so;
this truth protrudes as pure
as a lone apricot, healthy
on a tree fertilizing itself with the dead.
Yeah, maybe a lot of things in my life, sure. 
But with you, darling, I don't have to endure. 


  1. Love the couplet at the end--it really brings your whole poem together with a punch.

    fantastic title.

    Also "a tree fertilizing itself with the dead"... not exactly sure what you meant, but it made me think of how amazing it is that death can bring life.

  2. thanks. it's great to have a meaningful impetus to write poetry again.. i've been writing a novel and sci-fi for so long..