I am filled with so many worthless things

I am filled with so many worthless things

My soul is a junkyard

Leftovers of selfish endeavors
Scraps of prideful desires
The filth of a lifetime
Of folly

These are the things I have chosen
Wasting all of the spaces in my heart
That were meant to be filled
That were meant to be

By the unfathomable beauty of


  1. Oh...it is good to be reading your poetry again, dear friend.
    The title really did it for me. And this line:
    "Wasting all the spaces in my heart..."
    because i get that. and i do that. and this poem makes so much sense.

    "Grace, grace, God's grace
    Grace that exceeds, my sin and my fears..."

  2. the image of a junkyard as a representation of the folly of our lives is... very fitting

  3. Rachel....Daniel....I love you both, with all my heart...being in this group brings a fulfillment to my life that I have been missing for almost two years....thank you for inviting me back:) you have no idea how encouraging this is for me.... :)