The Horror, The Horror.

A light shines bright in darkness,
Revealing all it can.
Talent brings forth progress,
Uniting man and man.

Darkness always lingers.
It’s but a breath away.
Genius breaks through boundaries,
But pride leads to decay.

All the opportunity,
Both the worst and best;
A chance for light or darkness,
It all in one man rests.

A word a bit too forceful,
Or perhaps a strong wind blows,
The candle flame will gutter,
And darkness will enclose.

For all the choices made,
And all the chances lost.
For all the roads untaken
And all the travel costs.

What words will one man utter
When he discovers what he’s lost?


  1. Wow...
    Well, aside from the timely subject of your poem (although I suppose it would be timely at any time,) I was just really impressed with your rhyming. I'm not fond of rhyme in general, because it usually exists at the cost of meaning. But it bettered this poem. And created a fantastic flow.

    I enjoyed this. Thank you!

  2. "For all is vanity and all is lost..."

    Or was that a rhetorical question? ^^

    "Darkness always lingers.
    It’s but a breath away."

    I like this... I think that's because it's how I always feel...