So much longing, so little time

There is a song inside a meadow
four continents away
and a letter being written,
expressing just what I would say
if I were listening at the door
of two children talking quietly
in the dark,
with a flash light,
under bed sheets.


  1. *smiles*

    Sneakily reading books with flashlights when I was supposed to sleep is one of the best memories from childhood.

    I love the imagery. ^^

  2. It feels like there could be a lot more to this - like there's something there, buried under the surface. On one hand it works well, it fits with the themes and images of your poem - something distant, hidden, whispering. On the other hand.. i still want more. :P
    That said - you always find the most poignant images.. children under covers. Very vivid, brings back tender memories.