Because it's you and me, marionettes on the stage
And the whole world's with us behind the scenes
We sing and we dance, in manifest chance
Creeping the pages of recorded time
'Til our strings entwine in the bitter design
And our scenery falls with our painted dolls
Brief candle dissolves to halted applause
Revealing the puppeteers behind the play

But your world isn't my world all lost in a dream
My world doesn't turn on a perfect routine
Life's but a poor player
We're all puppets on the stage
This life's just a game we pretend to play
But today I'm removing the mask

1 comment:

  1. This felt like a strong piece. In a few places the rhyming seems slightly contrived, but that could be because I'm just not used to such constant rhyming. :P
    It makes it feel dramatic, and slight old..
    You've always had a penchant for the more "classic" style of poetry :)