loss of presence

birthed by the same Creator, yet there is "I"
such a lonely stranger as I hear whispered echoes of mysteries I cannot know
something felt.

breezes translated against my ear
my arms raised to see for my blank eyes
presence lingered and I knew (and was known)

hearts held by each other
our voices still-
dawn rose quietly to surround us as we rested so softly
we were suddenly (and quietly) taken

the dappled and dewy light now hides you
all the world seems to droop these days
the sun no longer just rises and sets
it seems to be an eye that turns down in all the corners of the earth

it is autumn; the moon is full with its harvest of souls
(invading even mine)
the leaves aren't rising with the wind
turning under, they wreath my head as I sit below

innocence is not my crown, but rather, experience
-right before it falls and fails.

night lengthens and canopies me under-
(dusky intimacies)
bending 'neath, such weighty joy.

(the feeling of absence is still more profound.)

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