Lucy's Kiss

Your eyes play like fingers across the curve of my neck
Your lover's "caress"
In dark hallways and midnight gloom
Your gaze never falters, desire unwaning,
In your presence I'm hypnotized

Oh lover, my lover
Never let your devotion fade
Engulf me in you, in your kiss

You approach so slowly like the fall of night
Your "lover's advance"
Phantom hands through intervening distance
My body yielded to your gentle probes
As I pour into your arms

Oh lover, my lover
I'm now longer my own
Subjugate my body with your kiss

You besiege my embarkments and topple my towers
Your "lover's assault"
Triumphant conquerer before my surrendered defenses
Possess me with your supple form
I'm lost in you tonight

Oh lover, my lover
My master you'll be
Claim me now with your kiss

My ivory throat lays bare beneath a silver moon
Your lover's "checkmate"
Unnoticed punctures free the sparkling crimson tide
Drink my soul with your scarlet lips;
The end will come tonight

Oh lover, my lover
Ecstasy gently claims me
As I die within your kiss


  1. I've been wanting to write a vampire poem for quite a while and this is the first decent idea I've had. The inspiration for this is Dracula. ^_^

  2. I would take out the word "supple." Firstly, because I hate that word. And second, because it turns a good abigail poem into a cliche dime store romance novel. and that's not you.

  3. How about "graceful form"? I considered "limber," but it might have the same problem as "supple."

  4. Graceful. Yeah, that works!

    I was thinking "sexy" but....;) (isn't the english language so frustratingly limited sometimes? gah.)

  5. Thanks. ^^
    I think "graceful" works better anyway.
    It's strange, I've always liked the word "supple" and never considered it a particularly sexual term. I shall have to remember that connotation in the future.