[note: "dikē" is based on the Greek that (as far as I know) is pronounced like the word "decay"]

Tear stains bleed away these glittered eyes
These forgotten faces brushed aside
(Identity genocide)
- grief besets us all -
Self divisions
Mind and nature
Sky and madness
Man and body
(oracle visions)
And none to rule them all

Dikē decay, Justice arrayed
And shivers, blinded in the formless cold,
The chaos void, where none can see
Away and fade
- These sutured seams -
The Shadow dances
And turns to face the killing light
No shape silhouetted
Shapeless nothing
For belief defines the anchor
(the question remains)

And fury transformed to Figures
Constructed idols of society's guise
The Kindly Ones lie
bent, beset, broken
- vows -
temple priestess, goddess, pray
Ritual schemes establish puppet brigade
Nothing comes from Nothing
Dangerous games they play
- the gods -
Dematerialize materials never formed
Dust to dust
To chaos we return

Deconstructed structure
- the center cannot hold -
Aeschylus to Yeats?
Suffer into truth, dear child
Laws precede the gods
Paradoxical center
Labyrinth or maze,
No truth resides within
The Curses of a thousand tongues
Herald, Bacchus, revelry Lord

Lord chaos reign
Lord chaos reign
dream intoxication loose on the world
spit on disintegration
- repeated crimes -
Father forgive
Father forgive
Father forgive
Helios rise!
- desperate -
Baseless words hold no sway

Language collapses
- unexist this lawlessness -

(cannot hold)

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