{non est inventus}

i've always been a bird on the wire
connected only because i hold on
but the wire began to shake
and i spun out of control
till i didn't know which way was up
and i felt
to dro

ame qui vive
and i lay there with no wires to hold me up
(or in)
and all was absent,

(& now this bird has flown)
but the fall had made me know.

i never reached heights by flight
invisibly caged by what i knew
i was taken-

led by the feel and pull of the wind
(inside) this whirlwind
i discerned your hand

you led me by the paths on your palms
and then there were your lips
with their rhythm and whispers
{and curving like the petals of a rose}
intimate strength i pull from there
until you go and i sing a single strain
from 'terribly afar in the lost lands'

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